Monday, October 17, 2016

David Mark Decherd Awarded Bronze Star

David Mark Decherd awarded bronze star in the Triple Crown. The bronze star is recognition of sales above and beyond, excellence of service and dedication to the industry.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Buy the Why!

Sales people often wonder how is the other guy  making so many more sales than they are.  What's the trick the other guy has?   What is that thing that's causing him to have more success than I am? It's the same product, we're talking to the same customer base.  
What is that difference? 

What it really comes down to is that individual salesperson's -Why. That salesperson believes deep down in their soul that there is a reason for what they're doing. It's not a trick at all. It's a belief. It's a feeling. We call that the Why.  

The Why is that intangible thing, you can't touch it but you sure can feel it, it's that emotion.  It's that thing inside your heart that gets you out of bed early in the morning to get you knocking on the next door to put you in front of the next prospect.  That reason is your Why.  Why do you do what you do?  It can't be superficial, it won't survive if it's superficial. It's got to be more than a paycheck.  It's got to be more than a job. Whys change the reason, removes all the fear and allow you to produce more sales . The Why is bigger than you. Whys change lives.

Okay, now that we've identified the Why, we've figured out what the true motivator is.  Here's the secret. This is the secret to why certain sales people produce more than other sales people and it's very simple. Their customers- buy the Why.

What I mean by that is,  the salesperson has been able to share with the prospect, the customer, the Why- the reason that they are doing what they're doing so impresses the customer, they
buy into the Why. They are no longer selling a product or service. They are selling the -Why.

Why is the difference between good and great. 

If your wondering how to sell more. Stop thinking about selling and start thinking about Why!

Here are a few of my Whys:   Aflac

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Out of Pocket Cost Rising

Employers Shift Higher Health-Care Costs to Workers

United States Patent 9,463,466 David Mark Decherd October 11, 2016 Trash Drying Assembly


United States Patent  9,463,466   Decherd   October 11, 2016
  US 9,463,466 B2
                                TRASH DRYING ASSEMBLY
David Mark Decherd, Fort Myers, FL (US)
Filed by David Mark Decherd, Fort Myers, FL (US)
Filed on Nov. 1, 2013, as Appl. No. 13/998,445.

OG exemplary drawingOG exemplary drawing