Saturday, September 26, 2015

Leadership David Decherd

Why Leadership?

David Decherd
Because for my personality, the working directly with others on  creating and nourishing  within them the great success, advancement and growth-really excites me. When they win, I feel great. To have this opportunity to advance my career by advancing others is a dream come true. To see someone light up like a Christmas tree is more satisfying than almost anything else I can think of  and to get paid for it, well it just doesn’t get better than that. So why leadership, because it turns me on to turn them on.


I expect support and guidance and I expect to be corrected. I tend to be a very creative out of the box thinker, and if their is a better way, I want you to tell me how. I want consistency and the truth always. If I screw up tell me, but don’t let me keep swimming in the wrong direction. I expect room to grow,  I expect you to be clear with me and laugh with me when it's funny and cry with me when it hurts, I want to know in my heart that you have enough lifeboats for us all. And most of all what I really want, what I really expect is to always , always  be proud of you.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

David Decherd Promoted to Coordinator In Training with AFLAC

David Decherd
David Decherd, a former sales agent with Aflac Central Florida, has been promoted to Coordinator in Training, CIT out of the AFLAC Estero Florida office. David Decherd has been with Aflac for 5 months during which time he has excelled in helping his fellow agents. Because of  his team building attitude the CIT promotion was a natural fit.  In Addition Decherd has achieved Fast Start, Super Fast Start, Fireball and Super Fireball series awards, has sold in excess of $50,000.00 in gross annualized premium and won the coveted convention cruise.  “I’m delighted to be with such a great company;  with the opportunity to advance.” The CIT position entails  responsibility for leadership regarding new field agent training and sales, Decherd will report to his District Sales Coordinator, Jamie Hartt. Aflac is a market leader in supplemental Insurance helping people survive the financial hurdles associated with injury and illness.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Health Care What's one to do?

You know you need it. Your family depends on you for it. Let's Face it, this is one of the big topic question most every person deals with today. The realities are pretty daunting. Coverage, cost , availability, deductibles  and co-pays it seems endless, the choices aren’t easy. What do you do?

If you're like most people today you'll turn to your employer for the answers; guess what, they are just as confused as you are. The truth is that the employer is trying to run a business and as such they want to lower cost. Health Care is one of those necessary evils that tugs on the business’s check book.  So what do they do. They look for ways to lower that cost. This is where some of the confusion begins. When a policy can be written with a higher deductible that actually lowers the expenses to the business, what do you really think will happen. That's right you pay more, they pay less. Sure they can recommend a Health Saving Plan to offset that cost, but in the end you still pay.

What this all boils down to is how can you protect yourself from the high deductibles and co-pays of the health world. First, you'll have to become a little more proactive, what exactly do I mean by that. Educate yourself, learn what products are available to you. If you wait until the last minute you’ll end up taking the best of the worst and that's not going to help you. Go to shop around, call a few providers ask questions. The more options you can create for yourself, well you get it.

Second, think about alternative ways to pay for those deductibles and co-pays. Voluntary Insurance that pays benefits directly to you can greatly offset the out of pocket expense. You can purchase this insurance directly or in many cases your employer can get it for you.

Third don't turn a blind eye toward the Health Savings Plan. They provide a real  way  to shield some of your money from the tax man, and who doesn't love that.

With a little searching and inquiring, you’ll be able to clear some of the confusion that surrounds this issue. Just combine some of these suggestions and you'll come out way ahead. Just remember that when it comes to your health and your families well being, make the choices before hand not out of pocket.

David Decherd